vipkid teacher headshot

The Best Possible VIPKID Profile Pictures

During the hiring process, between your first interview and your final mock class, you’ll likely have at least a day or two of wait time. While you are (impatiently) waiting for a reply saying you’re hired, you can do a little bit of legwork that will absolutely set you off to a good start. One of these things is to pick out VIPKID profile pictures. Immediately upon submitting your contract you will need to upload your photos.

  1.  Headshot
  2. ‎Lifestyle Photos

vipkid headshot

Your VIPKID Headshot Photo

This is the first thing parents see. Make it count. Get their attention so they will click onto your amazing bio and choose you as their teacher.

This should be professional. A headshot, by definition, does not mean the same thing as a selfie. Nor does it mean a half cropped picture of you with your kids. While its certainly your prerogative to do these things, I can promise you that a high quality professional photo with a clean background will turn more heads.

If you don’t want to get a “real photographer” to take one, enlist a friend to help you. Use great lighting, an assortment of poses and facial expressions, and whatever else to give you a variety to choose from. Wear a nice shirt (bottoms don’t matter because this is a headshot, remember?) If you are a lady who doesn’t typically wear makeup, today might be the day to buff on a little powder, mascara, and lipstick. Appearances (& makeup) are important in Asian culture, even if a low priority for you.

vipkid teacher headshot

Your VIPKID Lifestyle Photos

This is where you can incorporate a bit of personality and flare. Keeping in mind that appearances count (and you are trying to attract parents and children, not impress your fraternity friends) you can post two lifestyle photos. Many teachers will include the following:

  • Full body professional photo
  • Family portrait
  • Engaging in a hobby
  • Funny headshot
  • Friendly selfie

These still should be a clear shot with you (or with your family) as the primary focus. You should be easily identifiable. These photos can do a lot to enhance your profile. Choose wisely, but know you can change them from the app later too. You’ll also want to make sure you have a great intro video and teacher introduction paragraph.

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