side hustle for teachers

Easy Teacher Side Job

Looking for a teacher¬†side job? We all know that teachers are some of the hardest working people around. We trust them with our children, we thank them gratuitously, and yet they are generally underpaid. So why teach? Because they love it. Its in their blood and they truly are fulfilled with their career choice. However, this fulfillment doesn’t mean they wouldn’t mind a bit extra cha-ching to cover all those extra classroom comforts, supplies, and decor that helps them be their best for their students.

If you are a teacher or know one who might enjoy a little side-gig, VIPKID is a great way to supplement income. Brick & Morter teachers are drawn to VIPKID because:

  • Flexibility of schedule
  • Prepared curriculum (no/low prep)
  • One-to-one classes for a change of pace
  • Very good pay

teacher side job

Let’s break this down a bit further.

  1. Flexibility– Teachers set their own schedule so they can work before or after their regular job. They can work weekends, take any days off they want, or add extra hours during the summer or holidays.
  2. Curriculum– All curriculum is provided in a PowerPoint type format thats presented to the student via a video conference online. Prep is almost nothing, teacher instructions are on the bottom of each slide. Teachers should flip through the 22-45 slide deck prior to class to grab any desired props or enrichment tools, but after teaching a dozen or so classes to get the feel for it, prep is very simple and quick.
  3. Classroom– VIPKID uses a flipped classroom approach. The kids have to do a lesson on their own to learn the bulk of the material on their own, then schedule class with the teacher to review what they’ve learned, correct mistakes, practice speaking, and reinforce learning. Its always one-to-one classes, with exception of some new class models they are rolling out to more remote areas in China as part of a philanthropic effort of the Jack Ma Foundation.
  4. Income– The pay $14-22 an hour. My personal average is $21. I say average because my base pay is $16 an hour but I get $4 in bonuses per hour for simply showing up and doing the job, plus usually a bit extra in bonuses for trial students or new teacher referrals throughout the month. The other “catch” with this, is that you are actually paid per class, not per hour. Each class is 25 minutes long. Generally I like to do 3-5 classes in a row to maximize my prep effort.

Sound interesting?

In all, I find the benefits of this teacher side job to exceed all expectations. For teachers who already know how to work with children, there will be very little learning curve. For those just starting out as teachers or coming from a different background, I find this to be a really great way to see if teaching is something you’d want to pursue further. Or perhaps you know it is something you want to do, but aren’t able to go back to school for licensing. Since this doesn’t require more than ANY bachelors degree, its really nice for a change of pace if you have a different educational background.

Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be glad to help you out! If you are ready to apply, check out¬†I am available for coaching. This costs you nothing, I get paid on commission by VIPKID only if you get hired and teach your first class.