Get VIPKID New Teacher Bookings Fast

If you are like most people who have looked at working for vipkid as an ESL teacher, one of the first things you probably did was a Google search about the company to verify that it is legit. Well yes folks in fact it is! However if you’re like me, you may have also come across results with people complaining that they aren’t getting classes booked.

As far as I can tell the biggest drawback, or perhaps the only drawback besides being a 1099 employee and having to deduct your own taxes, is that you don’t have a hundred percent control over how many classes are booked. You’re absolutely able to control your schedule of when you’re available, but just because you’re available doesn’t mean that students will want to take a class with you. And this my dear folks, is where this post comes in. I have helped to coach a number of new teachers during the hiring process and all of them have been able to quickly and easily fill their schedules.

I do believe that part of this is because so far everyone I’ve referred have been handpicked as candidates that I believe will be successful. But, I also think I need to toot my horn just a bit and give myself a little credit because my system of getting them going right away with the right information that parents are looking for anecdotally does show that I know what I’m talking about in regards to faster bookings. Before I started this side hustle I also consulted for social media strategies and worked in international marketing research. In addition, to my Master’s Degree and a degree in East Asian language and culture, I suppose that means I might know what I’m talking about.

So here are my tips that I recommend for new teachers to think about before they even apply.

  • Optimize your schedule – Create a schedule that will entice parents to book & rebook classes with you. Make yourself available for the sales team to schedule trial classes for you.
  • Create an amazing intro video – Your video doesn’t have to be fancy, but should set you apart from everyone else. Keep it short and sweet.
  • Professional headshot – Even if you aren’t photogenic, you need a great photo. It needs to look professional. No selfie, blurry, or hyper-filtered image.
  • Great teacher biography – Your bio is super important. Parents will use this to compare your skill set to other teachers and evaluate if you are good enough for their precious baby.

If you are interested in having me look over your application info, teacher bio, or intro video, just let me know before you apply so I can help you get set off on the right foot.