style and personal touches make a home office more productive

How To Create A Home Office That Will Make You Happy

Whether you are a freelancer, MLM distributor, photographer, or even an online ESL teacher, you need a home office to make you happy when working. As a work-at-home-mom (WAHM) I know that a positive and inviting work space can help me to work more effectively and efficiently while having a better attitude towards my work. I realize that not everyone can have a specific room in their home that they can make into their woman workcave, but here are some tips on how to create a home office that will make you happy.

A Dedicated Space

Obviously a larger “corner office” is a glorious answer to having a dedicated space, but I know that’s not always an option if you have a small home or are using all your spaces already. But here’s the deal, you need to be able to separate out your work from your life. You will have a much better balance if you are able to say “this is my work stuff, stay away” to the children. You’ll also hopefully be able to leave your work “at the office” if there is a dedicated space that you can walk away from. Here are some suggestions:

  • A spare bedroom or add-on an office.
  • Corner of your home that is unused space, perhaps a section in the dining room, or oversized utility room.
  • Create a partition in your bedroom. Section off your work area so it doesn’t invade your sleep!
  • Stow away office. Use a lapdesk and ottoman or coffee table with storage so you work can be put away after hours.

an inviting and comfortable wahm home office

Clutter Free & Well Organized

If you are able to have a space, be it a tiny lapdesk or full room, you need to keep it tidy so your brain can stay tidy as well. Remember, its not just “an office at home”, its your home office.

  • Reduce excess. Simplify your supplies based on their usefulness and your actual need for them.
  • Multipurpose stuff! Using your kids toys are props for an English lesson is awesome!
  • Buy what you need to make it work. Even a small desk organizer or new bookshelf can make a word of difference to help your productivity.

clutter free and well organized desk


Easy access to the things you need is the name of the game. And don’t forget, this is your house, your office can be as unconventional as you want it to be. Comfort is more than just a cozy chair, consider the following:

  • Noise-cancelling headphones.
  • Warm Blanket or room fan.
  • Supplies should be easily accessible when you need them from your cozy spot.

style and personal touches make a home office more productive

Style & Personal Touches

One of the easiest ways to really be happy in your home office is to make sure it feels good to be there. Decor can be fancy or simple (don’t all WAHM’s have a thing for Pinterest?)

  • Family photos, kids art gallery, or whatever on the walls!
  • Plants can freshen up a room quickly as can fresh cut flowers.
  • Layout the room however you want, this may mean creating a kiddo corral if you need to section them off while keeping an eye on the children.
  • You can blend it in or completely seperate out your office decor from the rest of your house, depending on the vibe you want when in the office.

plants can help breathe life into an office

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