vipkid intro video

Make Your VIPKID Intro Video Stand Out

Making your VIPKID intro video stand out will help you to attract more parents to your profile so they can “follow” you when there are openings on your schedule. Once you start, a little flower icon on your about page will show how many followers you currently have. Generally, if a parent follows you, they will be able to watch when you have updated your schedule or have time available to be booked.

vipkid intro video
Note: some teachers will have a TON of followers and average bookings, some get very few followers and still get tons of classes scheduled, don’t let this number worry you!

Also in the app you can update your vipkid video. IMPORTANT: Shortly after you sign your contract (like the following submission page online!) you will be asked to upload your profile picture, an introduction, and a vipkid intro video. While you are waiting to hear back after your interview, go ahead and get these things ready so they are on your profile right away when you are approved to teach.

I update my profile video every 2-3 months, just to keep things fresh. If you have something that works for you, just updated when ever you think you need to, just make sure its posted. Sometimes the app doesn’t save the changes, you may need to contact freshdesk to submit a video change.

Here is a GREAT video that gives great tips on creating your own vipkid intro video:

Wanna apply? Its an amazing job, you’ll love it.