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My Stay-at-Home-Mom Side Hustle Story

Originally posted as “My Stay-at-Home-Mom Side Hustle Story” here in July 2017

My Unexpected Side Hustle

About 6 weeks ago I happen to come across random post on Facebook where a friend had replied in a moms group about a work from home job. I didn’t think much of it since, in my experience, “work from home and set your own hours” is synonymous with “MLM”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just in the middle of building a new house & don’t need anything else on my plate.

My VIPKID setup
My Side Hustle Setup

With that said, I asked my friend about what she had been up to and discovered she was referring to an ACTUAL contract employee work from home job teaching English to kids in China. What’s this? China, you say? I speak Chinese, so this intrigued me.

Good morning sunshine, class at 7am.
Good morning sunshine, class at 7am.

After I looked at their website, I thought for sure it wasn’t worthwhile. Only $7-9 a class, not worth my time. Oh, but then I was corrected. Each class is only 25 minutes long. So actually its $14-18/hr. Now, that seemed more reasonable. But honestly, I’m a doula already, not really looking for another job.

I sat on that for a few days. Then as I was daydreaming of my new house, I decided I really want a hot tub, but its not in our budget. First world problems here people. So being the impulsive gal I am, went and asked my friend for more job details. I am not interested in a “real job” outside of the home because with my business I’m on call basically all the time, so any “real job” would need to be part time and probably not worth the interruption to our family rhythm.

Pretty planner & purple pen = happy mom
Pretty planner & purple pen = happy mom

This is when I discovered that not only is the base pay good, they give you a $1/class bonus for actually doing the job and another $1/class if you do at least 23 hours a month. Um, ok, a bonus for showing up? Seems like a no-brainer. Oh, and the company ranks #5 among the top home-based jobs on Forbes. Oohkay.

Mo’ Fun, Mo’ Money

Seemed too good to be true. But ultimately, I applied, got the job and now at day 49 I’ve taught 192 classes working 2-4 hours a day when my kids are in bed. I’m making a nice little dent at $20/hour in that hot tub fund, folks. And guess what, its actually fun.

Vipkid propd
I found an excuse to have Happy Meals for supper when these animals where in the box!

Anyway, the whole point is, that old saying of something being too good to be true, apparently isn’t always right. I’ve downright found myself a fun little side hustle. All thanks to a random facebook post from a friend.

If you’re interested in finding out more, I’d gladly pay it forward like my friend did with me if you have questions. The company is currently recruiting more teachers so if you have a bachelor’s degree, decent computer, and a few extra hours you don’t mind using for teaching little Chinese kids, I say give it a shot! Oh, and no, you don’t need to know any Chinese :)