vipkid peak hours schedule

VIPKID Startup Schedule

One of the biggest factors in getting your VIPKID startup schedule and actually booking classes, is to put as much effort in as possible the first couple weeks so that you don’t fall down in the search list when parents are looking for a teacher. I don’t have access to the parent portal booking site however from screenshots that I have seen and a general assumption, is that the parents are able to search through teachers based on various personality tags that are given during the interview along with they are experienced which includes number of VIPKID classes taught.

Getting Noticed In the Parent Portal

I get the impression that teachers who start out with a photo and video immediately tend to get noticed more than those who wait a day or two before updating their profile. It would only make sense that if you don’t have these things done as new teachers come on there’s will push you down in the search and as everybody knows you want to be on the first page! Once you get noticed, you will need to create your VIPKID startup schedule. This may or may not be your “ideal” long term schedule, but this is what will give you the best chances to book quickly and then you can adjust your schedule to a long-term schedule once you have a few classes under your belt.

Creating Your VIPKID Startup Schedule

You need to setup your schedule as quickly as possible so that there is the highest potential of getting booked. Parents book out for the following week on Monday’s at noon their time. So this means that at around Midnight EST on Sunday night is when parents can book a week out. Just like teachers, they can drop/add classes any time, but the “booking frenzy” happens as parents urgently try to get on the schedule for their favorite teachers. Almost all will keep their appointment once booked because they know it will be hard to get in with their preferred teacher again if they don’t.

1st week example – each day mark 2-3 of the super hot time slots (6am to 9am) per day as available with 24 hour short notice. If you don’t want to worry about waking up and then not having anything to wake up for (no bookings) uncheck the 24 hr box before bed. Keep in mind, usually many trials get booked onto your schedule between midnight & 4am though since thats their midday when the sales team is super busy.  Generally, I leave the hot times open and simply plan on them filling because they almost always will fill during the night.

VIPKID Startup Schedule Week 2 Example

vipkid startup schedule

Go ahead and mark what you’d like your ideal schedule to be for weeks 2-4. If they are all the same, like 7-8:30am every day, you’ll get more bookings than if you have them all over the place randomly or have a gazillion openings you can’t possibly teach reasonably. Trial classes can be booked 2 weeks in advance, so be sure you only make times available you can really do.

VIPKID Startup Schedule Week 5 Example

vipkid schedule example

Its unlikely your whole schedule will fill the first couple weeks. What seems to work well is opening a lot of ppt spots then close one before/after once something is booked if you are nervous about teaching back to back classes right away. Most classes the first week or two will probably be trial classes, so it’ll be easier to “wing it” if you do book back to back before you are able to close one.

vipkid peak hours schedule

Once you have gotten a number of classes under your belt, have proven yourself to the sales team and parents, you can move over to your preferred hours for your long-term schedule. And don’t forget, the parents like to see you have a regular schedule, so whatever you do, try your best to keep it as consistent as possible to ensure the highest parent satisfaction and repeat booking rate.